Retaining many of the same members from the founding team, recruiting was done to get some new, younger members involved in order to ensure the continuation of success for the team. With the mixture of a year’s worth of experience, and several new rookie team members, this team was set-up with success and took the concept of their previous car and made it faster and more reliable. This also allowed the experienced team members to teach the younger members about how to efficiently build a car and have plenty of testing time.

Vehicle Design

Weight: 370 lb (168 kg)
Tires :ITP Holeshot, 23×7-10 front & ITP Mudlite 23×7-10 rear
Suspension: SLA front & Swingarm rear
Brakes: Upgraded go-cart disc brakes
Steering: Rack & Pinion
Drivetrain: Gaged cvt, chain outside swing arm
Engine: Briggs & Stratton, 10 hp
Electronics: RPM
Body: Lexan
Special: Reverse gearbox

Competition Results

Competition: Illinois

Overall: 49
Cost: 34
Presentation: 20
Design: 43
Acceleration: 16
Maneuverability: 24
Hill Climb: 6
Rock Crawl: 20
Endurance: 81